• Jaime Buck

May is Military Appreciation Month; 4 Ways You Can Show Thanks This May!

1.Throw a Fundraising PotLuck/BBQ

It’s almost summertime, which makes it the perfect time to break out the grill or Crock Pot, and invite over some friends for a fundraising potluck. Potlucks are great because you won't be responsible for the entire meal, and food is a great way to leverage support. Plus you can put your friends culinary skills to the test. You can then donate the proceeds to a Veteran Support Organization.

2.Write a thank you Letter to a Veteran

There are many different organizations which allow you to send thank you letters to veterans as well as active service members. So why not this month practice some of your best penmanship and write a heartfelt letter to those who put their life on the line for this country.

3. Donate a care package

If you already know a service person, and have their name and mailing address, you can send one yourself. If you do not know a service person personally, but still want to send a care package, there are many great non profits which have approval to send care packages. You can donate to one of these organizations and they will send a care package on your behalf. AMVETS North Carolina has a “Boxes from Home” program which you can donate to here.

4.Lend a Helping Hand

If you know a veteran or the family of a service person, offer some support this month. It could be offering to mow their lawn or helping them organize their garage. Simple gestures go a long way, and could really make the difference for them. You might even make a new friend!

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