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3 Ways to Support Veterans This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember those who gave their lives for this country. There are many ways to honor those brave men and woman this coming Memorial Day. Here are some ways you can help to honor those we have lost and those who are still here.

Visit A Veteran Cemetery

Visit a veteran cemetery and take the time to reflect on the sacrifice that they made. You can also bring small flags or flowers to lay on graves. There are cemeteries all over the country and they are often forgotten or passed over. Go here to find a veteran cemetery near you.

Attend a Memorial Day Event

We’re not talking about a Memorial Day Blowout Sale or anything like that, but there are so many events across the country which directly benefit veterans and veteran service programs. Events, like the 2018 Freedom Balloon Fest, which allow different veteran service organizations to participate together to raise awareness and support.

Donate Directly to A Veteran Service Organization

It’s simple but it can mean so much to a veteran in need. It is often a long and difficult road for many of our veterans. Memorial Day is especially difficult for many who may have lost friends and family which they served with. By donating even a few dollars we can help these brave individuals who gave up so much for us.

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