• Jaime Buck

Office Charm!

Before we get into anything else, smile! When we enjoy something we smile naturally but even a forced smile has positive results. Smiling reduces stress and triggers the release of feel good chemicals in the brain. A smile at someone else triggers the same response in them and brings a little shared closeness. Isn’t that a good way to get started with others?

Workers with office charm!

Now that we’re carrying a smile around with us, lets look at proper office etiquette. Following these simple rules will make life together a lot easier for everyone.

1) Be friendly, nobody likes someone who scowls all the time.

2) You may like some coworkers more than others but be cordial to everyone.

3) Don’t talk about others. Spreading stories never has a happy ending.

4) Encourage those around you and help them if they are struggling.

5) Everybody is different, so be flexible; each person may need a little different approach. Focus on everyone’s positive characteristics not the bad ones.

6) Be considerate of those around you, not everyone likes music while working!

7) Own what you do, good or bad. Blaming others never accomplishes anything positive.

It’s that simple, your work world is about to get better! Follow these simple steps and hang a copy of this blog in the lunchroom for everyone else to read.

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