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Hiring Helps - Eight Questions to Hiring Success!

After reviewing Resumes and putting aside those that appear to have the versatility, perseverance and experience you need for your position; you are now ready to conduct interviews.

Working Together as a Team

As a small business you need staffing flexibility and efficiency. The following eight questions will help you determine the right candidate for hiring.

Are you enjoying your trip through life?

Listen for responses that indicate someone who owns life, enjoys new things and will tackle new challenges.

Why do you want to work here?

Listen for someone who knows something about your business/industry and clearly sees where they would fit in.

How can you help my business?

Has the candidate examined your company and do they see opportunities for change/improvement increasing your success.

Tell me about a time you quickly and successfully adapted to an unexpected situation?

You are listening for reasoning, creativity and flexibility. How good are they at thinking on the fly?

The other day we had a situation… how would you have dealt with this?

Provide a hypothetical situation involving the position you seek to fill. Listen for the competencies you want.

What has been the most challenging relationship of your career and how did it end?

Listen for the candidate’s view of others and their ability to deal with adversity and successfully face interpersonal problems head-on.

If offered the position right now, what would you say?

An unqualified yes shows enthusiasm and gratitude… both indicators of a hard worker. There are obvious qualifications to follow like pay, benefits etc., but the initial “yes” if what you are looking for.

If you were self-sufficient and didn’t have to work, what would you do?

The candidate’s answer will give you insight into their character and interests. Is this the type of person you like and are they a good fit with your company culture?

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