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Small Business Hiring Helps - Job Postings

Do you have a small business and need to do some hiring? How can you reach potential candidates?

Job Post

Placing an ad in your local newspaper is still a good option. Many of the job boards pull from local newspapers so you will get Internet exposure as well as reaching the local print audience. Other good options include Indeed and Craigslist, both of which are very inexpensive ways to reach online job hunters. For a more professional or senior position, LinkedIn and Monster are good additional options.

Post a clear and complete description of your position, the general responsibilities and title of the position, your expectations for the position, and the experience or education levels needed by a candidate to gain consideration for the position. Also state the salary or hourly rate of pay and any benefits included with the position (post the lower end of your pay range so you retain some flexibility during hiring).

As a small business you need staffing flexibility for efficiency. Do not be too narrow in your focus or too specific in your qualifications. Concentrate more effort on finding generalists whose resumes show inherent strength in the requirements of your position. A generalist will give you more flexibility in meeting the future staffing needs of your business and provide you with strong cross training potential.

When reviewing resumes experience may trump education in all but the most highly specialized positions. Look at job histories and responsibilities to determine levels of accomplishment and the knowledge and strengths that accompany them. Who appears to have the versatility, perseverance and experience you need for the position and in your company? Put them aside for interviews.

Our next blog will cover the interview.


Definitions vary by industry but for our purpose let’s define a small business as a private company with fewer than 50 employees and sales of less than $10 million.

Good hiring practices for small business differ greatly from the hiring practices and needs of larger corporations. A large company hires for very narrow needs and they are often looking for a very small piece to fit into their complex overall picture. A small business cannot afford such narrow hiring and to do so will likely hurt the overall efficiency and operation of the business.

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