• Jaime Buck

Good Relationships

Relationships are very important to our well being. Whether romantic, a friendship, a combination of the two or both independently, most of us long for them. Good relationships can drive our ambitions, change our outlook and bring us great joy and satisfaction. Romantic or a friendship, here are some of the most important attributes of good relationship.

friendship and good relationships

Maybe the most important factor in long-term relationship success is trust. Trust must be earned. It grows out of a history of honesty, integrity, consistency and good intent.

Open and frequent communication is another key attribute found in good relationships. From good communication comes empathy and we learn to identify and share feelings and understand each other’s ideas, concerns, viewpoints and aspirations

Relationships must be nurtured. Both parties need to cooperate with each other and work at resolving differences of opinion as they arise and then just letting them go. Successful relationships concentrate on the issues rather than attacking the other person.

Respect must be present in any successful relationship. Respect develops from trust, understanding, sharing and cooperation.

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