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AMVETS Programs

Boxes From Home

"Boxes From Home" is a very popular program with our deployed soldiers that rewards them with a box of assorted "goodies" from back in the states.

Action Members & Ladies Auxiliary

AMVETS action members, as well as those in the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, annually devote as many as 1 million hours to brighten the lives of hospitalized veterans.

Awards Scholarships

AMVETS annually awards scholarships to deserving high school seniors, ROTC students and veterans pursuing higher education.

Community-Service Programs

AMVETS members in more than 1,400 posts nationwide also promote and support “quality of life” community-service programs ranging from Special Olympics and ROTC to scouting and organ-donor projects.

It is a long and difficult journey for many veterans. Please consider supporting these programs TODAY!

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